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Neptune and Zena are here!

Ooooh–the SKIF patterns have arrived! They’re a fun read, I won’t spoil it everyone by posting too much information.

And what are those envelopes?

The Neptune pattern includes three industrial-style metal buttons, a tiny metal SKIF tag, and some stiff waxed cord for making the button closures. The pattern is started at the bottom front edge and worked to the bottom back (sleeves are worked separately).

The Zena pattern includes the SKIF tag and an industrial found object that you can flip over and attach to your finished sweater. Zena is worked similarly to Neptune, from the bottom front to the bottom of the back (although not continuously).

The patterns are very graphic; simple, but with a twist. They are designed for a worsted gauge (US8 needles), however, the knitter is encouraged to get the gauge by combining multiple strands of linen, silk, cotton, or merino. The ethos of SKIF appears to encompass playfulness, discovery, and utility.

Now, I want to see the other two patterns.

On to the swatches!

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Howdy knitting friends…me again.

There is a SKIF KAL, and I’m the second person to join it, after the girl who started it.  I’m very excited, as this is my first KAL.  I’m not really sure how it works.  I guess I’ll learn as we go along.  Click here to check on our progress, or to JOIN.

The SKIF patterns have very few rules.  The yarn is not even specified.   I think I’m going to buy some Presencia threads and hold them together.  It would hopefully give the same look that the SKIF sweaters have that are in say Kittie Kyle (a boutique in Memphis).  I had a chance recently to peruse the pre-made SKIF sweaters there.

I encourage you all to join in the SKIF KAL.  That way we can keep up with each other.

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Wow…SKIF Patterns!!!!!



I’ve got the _hit on my website now!  SKIF patterns.  Yes, you could spend an arm and a leg on the purchase of a SKIF sweater (of “Matrix” fame), but why do that when you can MAKE YOUR OWN???  I’m gonna!  I’ve got the patterns on the website now and am fully stocked on the four released patterns.  I’m toying with the idea of buying large spools of sewing machine threads and mix four colours together to make my yarn for one of these sweaters.  Any other ideas?  What do YOU think?  Please remember that I will ship ANYWHERE in the World.  Additional shipping may apply.  We’d have to see about that when the time comes.  Please keep in mind that these “expensive” patterns come with the special SKIF hang-tags that seem to be stamped out of aluminum.  Really cool stuff.  Oh, and the buttons come with the patterns, too, making the patterns worth it.

Coming soon….my WIP page.

Keep Rowan on the (Mississippi) River!

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Who doesn’t hate the CRAMPS???

If you say you don’t, you’re a big ole liar.  Ouch.  All day long.  Ever since I was thirteen.  Mine started, ironically, April 23, which is “Children’s Day” in my other homeland of Turkey.  What’s THAT about? 

 I was, however, productive again.  I added more Jo Sharp kits to the website.  Not much else to report, other than that!

 Blog on!

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Jo Sharp knit Issue 3

Come one, come all!  Today I was veeeery productive.  I kitted 9 more designs from the Jo Sharp knit Issue 3.  They are the Cable & Rib Vest, Cabled Cushions, Diagonal Rib Cushions, Cable Wrap Shawl, Diamond Sweater, Dove Sweater, Fairisle Sweater & Vest, Fairisle Cardigan and the Fitted Cardigan.  Phew!  Along with all of that website work, I cranked out the floor plan for a renovation to a Medical Center.  I love being productive!  OK folks.  Make is all worthwhile and browse me pages lassies.  Here’s a photo from Jo Sharp knit Issue 3.  It’s the Quick Knit Jacket that my friend Candis likee:

Jo Sharp knit Issue 3 Quick Knit Jacket

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Jo Sharp Contemporary Knitting 2 socks???

Wow.  These designs are truly timeless!  Jo Sharp sure knows what she’s doing.  HOWEVER, I just finished knitting her “Cotton Socks” that were featured in Contemporary Knitting 2.  They are knitted FLAT.  Yes, FLAT.  The fold is at the toes, then the socks are seamed up each side.  Pretty freaky if you ask me.  I had to try these, being a part-time sock knitter myself.  The toes and heels were shaped using short rows, which made them almost cool.  I’ll post a picture of said sock strips later today.  You can judge!  Then, the true test.  Will they feel good on the ole tootsies?

Please notice that I’ve started kitting the Jo Sharp knit Issue 3 designs.  I have the Quick Knit Jacket already done.  It’s knit up on 11 US!  It will be quick!  I’m trying to decide what I’ll knit first in this book.  I wanna know what you guys like!  Click on this link and peruse the goodies.  Keep ROWAN on the river!  (Hi Candis!!!)

Jo Sharp Sock Strip

Alright, here is a photo of the “sock strip.”

Here is a close-up shot of the short row toe of the sock:

Short Row Toe

It’s not very clear, but hopefully you get the message.  It’s really pretty clever!  As I learned recently that it’s good to do (in a Helen Hamann class at market) I’m going to wash the strips before I sew them together.  It really does even out those “wonky” stitches.  Stay tuned for more WIPs!  (works in progress)

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