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Color on Color Scarf from Scarf Style

This thing is a work of art!  No, I’m not writing about my knitting, but the design.  The endless amount of colours makes it a joy to work on, not to mention the different techniques that are used to create it.  Kathryn Alexander is a color genius!  I THINK THEY HAVE ONE OF THESE KITS IN STOCK AT STASH in Memphis, TN, 901.276.5442.  Make sure you read about her on knittingdaily.  I’ll post a photo of my scarf soon.  In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on one from the publishers:

Color on Color Scarf



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Knitting deprived??? More like BLOG deprived!

I’m so so so so sorry!  I have good excuses!  I went to Nashvegas with some great friends this past weekend, and saw one of the most incredible concerts of my life.  Interpol.  These guys performed like studio musicians!  Everything they did sounded like it did on the album.  They were GUUD.  The whole event was great.  The concert took place at Ryman Auditorium.  It’s an old church, with wooden pews and all!  There are no bad seats.  I should know!  We were in the balcony, and had a great view of all.  There was no smoking allowed, and folks weren’t throwing full water bottles at the band as they would in Memphis at the New Daisy Theatre.  So, I haven’t been able to blog.  I’ve spent many morning finishing a sweater for Dana Hurt, and have started one for Susan Mills at Nashua.  I think Norah’s thinking about sending me a project as well.  Phew!  Time to get those Addis warmed up!

 Here’s a picture of Ripper, the culprit from my last post:


This little booger is the light of my life, after of course, my wonderful boyfriend.  Ripper, my little poopoo face (by the way, he comes when I say that…) is 15 lbs. of pure muscle and focus on, HIMSELF.  Feast your eyes friends!  Everyone who meets him loves him and never forget him.  Not kidding.

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Knitting deprived….

Ripper, my Jack Russell “terrorist” as we call him in my home, will not let me knit in the morning.  I get up, full of anticipation this morning, to cast on sleeves for a model I’m knitting for Dana Hurt of DBH Designs in Jonesboro, AR.  The little bugger wants to run upstairs to hide the rawhide bone I gave him last night to keep him from chewing the kitchen cabinets that remain intact.  This is very noisy, as he “clicks” his way up the stairs, then drops the rawhide on the landing, possibly waking up my sleeping boyfriend, who does NOT look too kindly on knitting, as it has taken over my life.  I ALMOST miss the days, a year ago, when I could get up early, say 5 a.m.ish and knit like a banshee.  The little bugger is almost affecting my income!


On to more interesting items…I’m in the process of kitting more designs from Vogue Knitting’s 25th Anniversary issue, as it has designs knitted with yarns that I carry on the website.  These will include #7/Tunic Vest by Joan Forgione, #9/Misti Alpaca Ribbed Dress by Jean Suzuki, #11/Ridged Coat by Deborah Newton, #18/Bubble Sweater by Marc Jacobs, #19/Lace Tunic by DKNY, #28/Center Motif Pullover by Betty Monroe, & finally #32/Shaped Cable Scarf by Debbie Bliss, one of my favorite designers.  I’m working as fast as I can, so please be patient with me.  Please remember that I’m still building my inventory, so I may not have the color you need currently in stock, but I’m very diligent and get orders out AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!  Stay tuned!

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Luscious La Gran Coat from (some) Vogue Knitting Covers

I was wondering what people are doing ordering so much La Gran from Classic Elite!  That gorgeous coat on the cover of the 25th Anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting.  It’s ONE SIZE FITS ALL, and takes just 28 balls of La Gran Mohair.  I’m going to kit that design today!  It will be $191.50, and no shipping!  If dang PayPal charges shipping, don’t worry…I’ll refund it as soon as possible.  It’s been happening with the Modern Quilt Wrap Kits.   I may have to have this coat soon, in Underappreciated Green, of course.

Here’s that coat, and a link to the free pattern:


Here is a link to the kit!!!


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I’m a few inches into Zena.

I wish I could knit faster.

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(and LOOK, a SKIF Flickr group!)

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Interweave Knits Kits on!

Hello faithful readers and bargain seekers…  When I saw the gorgeous Modern Quilt Wrap in Folk Style I thought, “that would make a great kit to offer on the website!”  Then I realized that there are many Interweave patterns that deserve that attention.  So, I’ve kitted some of the designs in the latest Interweave Knits magazine, Fall 2007.  I can say without a doubt that Interweave is my favorite knitting magazine of all time, regardless of the format change (which I’m not too crazy about, the design pages look like ads).  I never find that many designs in other magazine that I’d like to knit and wear!  Kudos to Interweave for the great judgment they use.

I kitted these gems yesterday – click on the photos to see the kits:

coyle.jpg  himmedrbk-300.jpg  
      Nomad Hat and Scarf                        Luna Dress

   Tangled Yoke Cardigan

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Modern Quilt Wrap – AKA Kidsilk Crack Wrap

Modern Quilt Wrap My friend Laura has always refered to Rowan Kidsilk Haze as “Kidsilk Crack.”  I was very happy to see that there were other addicts out there, such as Sandi Wiseheart of  If you haven’t seen this little gem of a scarf/wrap, check it out on knitting daily.  It’s a great blog, belonging to Interweave Knits, my favorite knitting magazine.  The wrap is in Folk Style, the new Interweave book in the “style” series.  I’ll eventually buy the book because I have to have those “style” books, but for now, anyone registered on this blog can download the pattern in .pdf form.  Bonus!!! 

This wrap is a great chance for those of us possessing the said “crack” to do a little swappee!!!  It requires 9 colors of Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  Remember, I sell it on my website.  I’ll kit it at 10% off the yarn price.  Here is the link to the kit page.  I’m offering FREE SHIPPING!  (Please note that we are having trouble with our PayPal “buy” button.  It is automatically charging shipping, and we are immediately refunding the shipping (of $10.40))  Let the races begin!

Guess what?  The gal at Interweave, Sandi Wiseheart, has had a staff member figure out the yardages on each color.  You can actually knit two scarves out of one ball of each of the nine colors.  BONUS! 

Here are the yardages:
Total yardage: About 826 yd/755 m
Color A: (lime green) 94 yd/86 m
Color B: (orange) 94 yd/86 m
Color C: (rose) 98 yd/90 m
Color D: (lavender) 112 yd/102 m
Color E: (medium blue) 105 yd/96 m
Color F: (gold) 89 yd/81 m
Color G: (pale blue) 72 yd/66 m
Color H: (dark red) 72 yd/66 m
Color I: (grey) 90 yd/82 m

Remember that I have this bad mama-jama kitted on my website!  I am hoping to have these colors in stock in time to ship the kits by September 15.  Knit on!

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