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New kits at!

Good morning!

I’m feeling very productive today….I’ve added a couple of kits for a really cool new pattern from Cindy Taylor and Heirloom Stitches that I picked up from TNNA market in Columbus in June.  Here is a photo of the Cindy Taylor pattern, “hood top”!

Here is a linkee to the kit:

Don’t forget to pick your Misti Alpaca Chunky color in the “Notes” section on the payment page!

I’m going to try to add some others to the site today.  I have a couple more great patterns for Misti Alpaca Chunky.  One is a stroller blanket (30″ X 30″) called Gold Fish Tails, and the other is a 30″ X 40″ baby blanket called Princess & the Pea (it’s got a pea sewn on it!)  I’ll kit these, for your convenience and value.  How about you get the pattern for free if you order the kit from me?

Many more neat things to come!  Check back here often.  Don’t forget about the caravan!  I’ll also post some new photos of SKIF Martha soon.  All I’ve got left on that are the neck and waist bands!  I’m still waiting for photos from the Turkey trip from my siblings.


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I’m Just Hein Park Trailer Trash

Peeled off side facing evil neighbor

Peeled off side facing evil neighbor

I’ve picked it up….my new country home.  Compare the photo above to the one below, where the exterior panels are still intact.  There is a lot of rotten wood, as was indicated by the water stains on the inside of the new home.  Since I paid only $1000 for it, this is what I expected.  Also, the air-conditioner that supposedly “blows cold” doesn’t.  I peeled off this side first as to irritate my “not so nice” neighbor.  The “wonderful” neighbors on the other side came over immediately to check out the new toy.

My brother-in-law has affectionately named the caravan “Chuck Norris,” as it was made my Norris.  It’s an old company in Northeast Tennessee that now just makes mobile homes.  Eeeeeek!  (No offense to those of you who live in one….)  They no longer make caravans.

Someone at work asked me why I wanted one.  There was an old issue of Rowan magazine that had a layout in it using caravans in the background.  I thought it would be fun to have one.  Cuckoo!  I’ll look up the Rowan and post it another day.  Those Brits like to take “holidays” and “mini-holidays” in caravans, a la Bridget Jones’ Diary.  I fancy myself as one of those Brits. 

I’ll try to keep you guys posted on my progress.

Rowan International Memberships have gone up to $48.00!  Here is the link.

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