Yummy Twisted Sisters Kimono!!! Yeah!!!!

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I’m so excited!

I’ve got a project coming from some really cool chicks…the Twisted Sisters.  No, they’re not really sisters, they’re “just twisted.”  They need their “Knot the Point” kimono reknitted ’cause the one they have is kind of worn out from travelling everywhere, to every show they attend (people try them on, fondle them, etc., etc., etc.).  And believe me, they are some busy girls!

Knot the Point Kimono

Knot the Point Kimono

I hope I make them happy with my work, as I really enjoy doing it.  I hope we have a very happy future together, the sistas and I!I just shipped two beautiful creations of Norah Gaughan to her Monday night (Fedex) for her V4.  I’ll post pictures as soon as they go public.  They’re top secret now, as is most of what I do until it goes to print.  I’m getting a much needed break from some speedy knitting by working on my Cafe Bastille Cables.  I’m trying to finish it by the time we leave for Idaho for the big family reunion (for lack of a better term).  Around here a family reunion means matching t-shirts and a big picnic at Overton Park.  I know it’s going to be a little more upscale in Idaho!I just ran out of SKIF Martha patterns yesterday, but I assure you, there are more on the way!  Those patterns don’t collect much dust.  On the way are some new patterns.  Oak Park, below, looks really good over the black turtleneck.
Imagine Knit Oak Park

Imagine Knit Oak Park

Have you seen those adorable Ballet Slippers from Cocoknits?  I ordered them!  I don’t know what the pattern says yet, but I’d like to put leather on the bottoms of mine when I make them, so I can wear them around the house A LOT.
Cocoknits Ballet Slippers

Cocoknits Ballet Slippers

I also found a great pattern by them, Cocoknits, for felted desk accessories.  Wouldn’t these make great gifts for the holidays?  I have the perfect yarn for these!  Araucania Nature Wool and Nature Wool Multy!  You could mix the solids with the variegateds, or you could use a combination of your stash and some Nature Wool Multy.  I’m expecting these patterns any day now and will drop them on the website in the Library as soon as I can.   There is a cool portfolio for your patterns and documents, too!
Cocoknits felted desk thingies

Cocoknits felted desk thingies

Cocoknits felted portfolio

Cocoknits felted portfolio

Now for other things in life….(huh???)
We’re going to Birmingham, AL this weekend for a track day.  DB races motocross.  He’s now decided it’s time to race a faster bike on an asphalt track.  To be exact, a Yamaha TZ250 at Barber Motosports Park.  Personally, I’m looking forward to safe riding for him, and a lot of knitting for me!  The track is beautiful, well-groomed, and well-organized.  They can be rather military in the running of it, but if they didn’t it would probably look a lot like Memphis Motorsports Park.  What a dump!  At Barber there is rather astonishing artwork dispersed all over the facility.  There is a giant steel spider in the middle of the track, visible from the paddock.  They cut the grass around it so that it looks like the spider is on a web.  Really cool stuff.  I always enjoy the motorcycle museum, although I’ve probably been there 5 times.  I look forward to a pretty drive, as the leaves are already changing on the dogwoods around here.
In case you were wondering, I DID blog last Thursday, the announcement just didn’t go out.  Again, UGH!!!!  Those of you who visited the blog, THANK YOU!!!  If you’d like to sign up to receive weekly updates to the blog (where you can find out the latest additions to yarnstudio.com or sales) click here and wait for that ugly sign-up box to pop up.  Fill it out, and I’ll do the rest!
Until next time my little pretties, adios!
P.S.  I forgot something….Jo Sharp is discontinuing her Silkroad Aran Tweed line.  I have some left, and there are some colors still in stock at JCA.  If you need something that I don’t have, please don’t hesitate to email me at info@yarnstudio.com to see if I can get it for you.

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Ooo la laa…bonjour mon cher! French Girl update! Vogue Knitting Holiday 2008 is on the newsstands!

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