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Caravan’s going to float away!!!

Two straight days of rain here in Memphis, and I’m going to need oars for the caravan.  The roof is covered in tarps, but the tarps are holding water.  I’m going to get SOAKED when I try to dump that water!  I’ve had more time to clean our bathroom and go to a knit-out anyway.  Good stuff.

We had 12 people, if I remember correctly, at our Memphis Knit Mafia knit-in at Cafe Eclectic.  I was really into it.  It’s the most fun I’ve had (knitting with nice folks) since I sold the shoppe.  I hope it keeps up!  I think cooler weather is more conducive to knit-ins.  Bring it on!  Ya know, anyone who’s reading this blog and is close enough is welcome to attend the knit-in.  It begins at around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays (except when there’s a hairy presidential election going on).  Hope to see you there!

I’ve finally finished the kits for designs 1-22 in the Premiere issue of Debbie Bliss Magazine.  Click here to see ’em!  One thing that’s missing is the yarn page links from the patterns that you need to select your colors.  If you know Debbie Bliss yarns and know what color you like, you can always tell me on the checkout page.  I’ll be working on those yarn pages tomorrow and get back on the Rowan 44 kits.  Phew!  I must work harder and faster, at work, knitting models, on the caravan, and on the website business!  May the Yarn Goddesses give me strength.

Here’s one of the new kits:

Very stylin' #19 Collared Sleeveless Top

Very stylin' #19 Collared Sleeveless Top

Adios!  Must go….

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New goodies on the website!!!

Good Afternoon!

I’m very excited about the new patterns I’ve received.  They’re the Cocoknits patterns; the Felted Desk Accessories, and Pleated Ballet Flats are just a few.  I have others, but I’m going to surprise you with them in a couple of days, maybe even tomorrow!  If you’ll scroll down, you’ll see the photos of both.  The Ballet Flats will make great gifts!  I can imagine them knitted in a solid color, but they would look great even knitted in a ribbon, or a variegated yarn, like Araucania Copihue.  To avoid slipping while wearing them, they suggest purchasing ballet flat bottoms from Fibertrends or using drops of puff paint (available at your local, friendly – NOT! – hobby shop).  On the pattern page I have a list of yarn suggestions, to aid you in your search for the perfect holiday gift (or personal “happy”).  I WANT SOME FOR MYSELF!  They will be knitted in the Copihue.

I’ll try to upload these three patterns tomorrow:

Cocoknits Hanna Cardigan

Cocoknits Hanna Cardigan

Cocoknits Hanna Pullover

Cocoknits Hanna Pullover

Cocoknits Nette
Cocoknits Nette

That’s your teaser for today! 

I almost forgot!
The trip to Idaho was GREAT.  Everyone was well and had a good time, as far as I can tell.  There was much “niece” soccer, and one adult coed indoor soccer game.  I’m still sore from that, and it was on Saturday night!  Guess who’s out of shape?  DB thinks I’ve still “got it.”  That was nice to hear!
The leaves are changing there with a vengeance.  They are changing here too, but they have more maples, aspens, and other “colorful” trees.  We have a lot of oaks here, and they just turn brown.
As usual, being there was surreal.  DB said it was like being on a movie set….everyone was so nice!  EVEN AT THE GROCERY STORE!  It’s not like that in Memphis.  The B & B we stayed in had incredible breakfasts for us all three mornings.  I asked the owner about huckleberries.  They are hard to find and very expensive.  Well, the next morning, we had huckleberries!  We shared them with the other tenants (who were moving from Seattle, because the people in Idaho are SO NICE!).  Everything is 15 min. away from wherever you may be.  Very small, and very close.  We only saw one police car the whole time we were there.
All in all, I enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to know them better.  I hate the distance.
Rowan on the River….

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