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Stash bustin’ it

I was surfing as I like to do from time to time, as I am a member (I sell my original patterns there), and I LOVE to buy on etsy.  After all, a lot of them are making stuff with their hands, like I do.  I saw a really cool, colourful scarf made with….are you ready…..GRANNY SQUARES@#!%^#!  So, here is a photo at my attempt at the granny square stash bustin’ scarf:

Granny squares for scarf

Granny squares for scarf

Now I know how most knitters feel about crochet, as I once owned a yarn shop and got to hear about it.  (That was probably because there weren’t a lot of/any crocheters in the group.)  LET ME TELL YOU, these things work up very quickly!  I’m mostly holding two strands of somethin’ somethin’ together, using a size “K” hook.  I’m not going to enjoy sewing them together, I already know that.  If someone knows a pleasant way to do that, please tell me!  (I’m deluding myself now.)  Did I mention this project is kind of reversible?  I’m having a very good time making these squares, and I’m dreading running out of stash.  I guess at that point I’ll have to go out and check out the sale bins at the LYSs.  I’m not above it!

I DO have Rowan #44 in stock now, 5 remaining.  There was a run on them, and there were some upset customers out there.  All is back to normal now.  They make very good holiday gifts!  Also, don’t forget: the Rowan International Memberships make good gifts, too.  It’s the gift that gives all year long, for just $48.00!  On a sad note, I think I’m going to have to discontinue the Rowan Kits, as they aren’t getting much traffic, you know what I mean? 

I’m looking forward to some warmer weather tomorrow, as I need to complete and house wrap the right side of the caravan.  Wahoo!


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Run to Angel Hair Yarn. NOW!

Angel Hair Yarn in Nashville, TN is closing its doors on December 23.   It will be a very sad day.  Pam and Andrea are very creative, fun, and beautiful girls who made many people happy with their enthusiasm, good taste, and endless creativity, making a comfortable place to learn and knit.  I didn’t get there much, but when I did I enjoyed it myself.  I only wish my yarn shop could have been that nice!

I’m informed that there is a 10% off sale on everything except the fixtures.  Those are as marked.  Since everything they had in the shop was of good quality, I’m telling you that it would be very much worth a trip over there to see what you can get.

On a personal note, I will miss my friends.  Since they will not be attending the TNNA market, I’ll probably see less of them.  However, keeping up with them will be a future goal of mine.

Happy Futures Angels!

Happy Futures Angels!

Now, I have a SKIF surprise for you!  No, there is no new pattern….it’s a SKIF fashion show!  Have fun!  They will be writing some of these patterns for us, but I’ll see ’em when I see ’em!

All my peoples, make sure to look over your bank statements carefully, as often as you can.  My debit card number was used fraudulently, for only $49, but I never noticed ’cause I stopped looking at my statements.  It was a small enough amount that I never noticed it missing!  So, especially this time of year, be vigilant about checking your financial records so you won’t get burned like I did.

Everyone liked the free patterns so much last week that I think I’ll throw you guys some more….Some Folksy Headbands, knitted with Nashua Julia. 

Keep your cool out there if you’re going shopping.  Remember, we’re all in it together!

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I’ve got a new sweater!

Lasso Me Baby!

Lasso Me Baby!

I started this little beauty June of 2006.  It’s finally finished, and I wore it to work today.  I love it!!!!!  Other than the usual Colinette Lasso problems, it is gorgeous.  It’s tunic length, has side slits, and the deep scoop neck that I wanted.  I hope someday to write it for other sizes, but for now, it’s in my size, 36″ chest.  Sorry!  (I’m trying not to laugh, my coworkers are messing with me…something about Victoria’s Secret?)  The pattern will be on my etsy page.  I’m “Papatya” on etsy.  You’ll also see my other patterns there, and a couple of scarves.

Here’s a little freebie I got from Nashua today….a cool looking felted bag pattern knitted using only 3 skeins of Wooly Stripes.  I have that yarn on sale now.  It would make a great quick holiday gift for those of you who do that kind of thing.  Click here for the pattern!  There’s also a really cute idea:  a knitted pointy hat and scarf pattern for…..WINE BOTTLES!!!  This is the link to that, knitted using Nashua Creative Focus Worsted.  It only takes one ball of each color, or if you like, just one ball.  It JUST SO HAPPENS that I have both of these yarns on sale now!!!


Jacquelyn Landry's "Nottingham"

I have a new pattern line featured on the website this week:
Jacquelyn Landry
On the left is the pattern I have for sale.  You can barely see it, but there is a little something something around the bottom edge.  Here the pattern is for sale and, of course, I list the suitable yarns that I sell on the website.  (Shameless plug)  She specifies 16 st/4″ yarn, and the sizes range from 32“-56” bust.  It’s a pattern for everyone!  I think it’s mighty sexy with that thin leather lace across the breastesses.  Know what I’m sayin’?

On that note, I’m going to get my first mammogram tomorrow.  I’ve had enough of my friends harassing me over not having had one yet, at age 46.  I just think they’re jealous that I’ve gone this long without having the boobage smashed in a cold machine.

I almost forgot.  I’ve updated the Araucania Nature Wool Chunky page.  Delicious colors!

Have a great weekend, and knit those fingers to the bone!

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