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Etsy items!

Here are a couple of my new etsy items:

Blue Peace Hat

Blue Peace Hat


I’ve got a very beautiful cowl coming up later today.

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I just picked up the latest Vogue Knitting Magazine (Winter 2008/2009) at my LYS (Stash, Memphis).  I quickly realized that Kaffe Fassett’s Squares Scarf (#19) could be the next “Modern Quilt Wrap” of the knitting world.  SO, I kitted it up immediately on the website.  The kit includes (20) balls of Rowan Scottish Tweed 4-Ply only.  You must buy the magazine at your local yarn shop or book store.  It requires size 4 US knitting needles.  It is a thing of beauty, and very functional at a 16″ x 60″ measurement.  Here are some photos!

Kaffe Fassett's Squares Scarf

Kaffe Fassett's Squares Scarf

 CLICK HERE to view and/or purchase the kit.  The cost is $107.10, at our usual 10% off kit price.

Have a great weekend!

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I’m Magic Loop ready!

Wow.  Here I was at work (blogging at work???), knitting on a new etsy project (knitting at work???), and didn’t have my double points.  I google’d magic loop and voila!  A nice little video on uTube showing me how to magic loop.  It’s so nice that someone took the time to post that!  I now know how to do it.  I AM INVINCIBLE!!!!!  I hate double points.   Check out my new etsy item, and let me know if you like it!  I’m working on another one, using Araucania Aysen, a merino wool yarn with a touch of silk and alpaca.  It’s going be very pretty, and fit a 18.5″ head (small adult).

I just got my copy of “French Girl knits,” the book by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes.  It’s still warm off the press!  I think the first sweater I’d like to knit is:

Wrenna from French Girl Knits
Wrenna from French Girl Knits


I just happen to have enough Twinkle Soft Chunky laying around to make this for myself.  Will it make my arms look thick?  I hope not!  I get really cold in the office during the Summer, so this may be nice to wear this Spring/Summer.  The book as a whole is very nice to look at.  The staging is beautiful.  Kristeen has great taste!  I’m thinking about kitting a few of the designs on

There are some new colours in Araucania Patagonia.  Click here and feast your eyes!  It has stunning colourways available, and is a GREAT weight for those who don’t like to wear wool.  I’ve found out that Araucania Atacama, one of my favorites, is being discontinued.  It’s their hand-dyed alpaca yarn.  I have some of 4 colors left on the website if you’d like to have a last chance at them.  (Click the Araucania Atacama above)  It is one of my favorites, and I’m very glad that I have 2 colourways in my stash at home.  I get very irritated, putting it mildly, when they discontinue a yarn and don’t even warn us!

The struggling economy has affected all of us.  It has finally hit our office.  On our next paychecks we are all taking a 10% pay cut, in lieu of layoffs.  I think it’s an excellent idea!  We all have our functions, and work well together.  We’re like a little family of 14.  I’m attempting to supplement my income by knitting more for designers and putting more items on etsy.  I’m trying to be mindful of the fact that we’re all struggling and need to support/patronize each other.  We’re having a rep in today to talk to us about Precast Concrete Hollowcore Plank.  Fun you say???  Wrong!  Anyway, I’m going to use a new-found friend, E. Boyd to do the catering for this event.  We have a lot of these lunch & learns, and we like variety in our grub.  SO, E. Boyd of Dish  (Memphis, TN) is going to cater our lunch today.  Please be patient with her….she’s still working on her website.  Give her a try!  Update….the lunch was GREAT!  She served TexMex Turkey burritos, salsa, sour cream, romaine salad, and her special espresso brownies.  Everyone enjoyed the lunch, especially the partners.  That part’s important.

Please remember that there is a knit-in at Stash at 816 S. Cooper Street, Memphis, TN on Fridays, 1-3 p.m.  There is no fee, it’s just a knit-in; hangout and knit and chat.  If it’s raining, even better!  What else would you be doing?  (Those of you at work, don’t answer that!)

Work hard and reap the rewards!

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Crazy for Cowls

Yes, I also have the cowl bug.  Search ravelry for a cowl, and you’ll get 30 pages of COWLS.  I just bought a really nice present for myself….a leather jacket from a store called All Saints in bonnie England.  The jacket is perfect, and very different from anything I can get here in the U.S.  However, yon jacket has no collar.  It is screaming for a cowl.  So, searched on ravelry (the only smart thing to do), then I went shopping (as if I need more yarn) on Friday for yarn for my cowl to match my new jacket.  I found some really cool and desirable cowl patterns.  My favorite is the Evangeline Cowl from Orinda5.  It is without doubt my favorite.  The jacket is a very dark brown (almost black).  I found (1) skein of Malabrigo Worsted in Sealing Wax that I think will look good for the Evangeline.  In my search for a suitable cowl, I found and favorited 5 more cowls.  Not having much self-control in the “yarn buying” department, I bought enough yarn to knit 2 more cowls.  You see, I also happen to have a duck down jacket that doesn’t have a collar, either.  I think I’ll knit the Darkside Cowl by Sarah Fama for that.  (I don’t know if the link will work into ravelry, but you should try it!)

This just in….I just received my own copy of Norah Gaughan Volume 4 in the mail (Berroco)!  I cannot say enough about her generosity.  She always sends me books that I have test/model knitting in.  I knitted Love and Haight.  Here is Love.  I tried to load Haight, but it won’t LOAD!!!!!  Ugh.  I love this volume, and I think I’m going to have to knit “Tuck” for myself.

Love from NGV4
Love from NGV4

 There was just a US Airways plane crash into the Hudson River.  All the passengers have been rescued.  Phew!  Very cold, and very scary.  They say it was caused by bird strikes to both engines.  All are safe!  (except the poor birds)

Stash in Memphis, TN is having a knit-in (like we used to have at the yarn studio) tomorrow afternoon, from 1-3 p.m., 816 S. Cooper Street.  Please support your local yarn shops!!!

On that note, visit the yarn studio also, for some deeelicious yarn offerings, and to sign up for “stayintheloop”, which announces the latest blog updates and website news.  One time I gave away an autographed book!  I pays to be in touch.

Ciao for now!

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Phew! Holidays are over until next year….

Well, the silly season has once again come to an end.  Whether you celebrate it for the “real” reason or other reasons, it can really wear on you!   What has done me in is having 5 days off two days on twice!  It makes it really hard to get back into the swing of things at work.

DB and I don’t have children.  We celebrate the holidays in our own way: by running away.  We took a trip to San Diego, CA to find the home DB lived in until he was two.  (It’s now a home that is quite possibly unaffordable by our standards.)  The weather there was the coldest it’s been in two decades!  What luck….  As a result, surfing lessons for DB was out of the question.  The 70-yr. old head with the 20-yr. old body freaked me out the most.  There was much wealth and everything was well-manicured.  The seafood and sushi was particularly good.  (We do like our sushi!)  As fate would have it, I spotted the yarn shop, Knitting in La Jolla, in an alcove on Prospect St.  My luck held, as DB pulled over immediately and let me indulge for a few minutes.  My luck was good.  The sock yarn was RIGHT INSIDE THE FRONT DOOR!  I grabbed one skein of indie hand-dyed yarn from CO (I bought the Aspen Sock in Pedro’s Journey), a couple of skeins of Misti Alpaca Sock yarn, and some buttons (for my dear friend/neighbor/dogsitter) for a 3-button shawl.  I was so quick, that when I left the shop, DB was not there!  He assumed I would take longer, and had ducked into a gallery nearby.  I wandered around aimlessly on the street, but didn’t dare go back into the yarn shop, for fear that I would buy more yarn.

We left for San Diego Christmas day, and came back Sunday afternoon.  It was a long trip, but restful, and as usual, as with all trips with DB, it was FUN.  We went to the San Diego Zoo (World famous), walked the boardwalk several times in Pacific Beach, had seafood, steak, FISH TACOS, sushi, and in our search for a restroom, ended up seeing the Lodge at Torrey Pines.  Yes, in our search for a restroom, DB pulled into Torrey Pines Golf Course.  The name seemed slightly familiar, but didn’t hit home until I saw the huge banner that read “Home of the US Open.”  Against my protestations, we went through the Lodge door, held open by a dude in a kilt.  The Arts & Crafts woodwork was BEAUTIFUL.  The restrooms were IMMACULATE!  I was so glad he dragged me in there (for more reasons than one).  Now I want an Arts & Crafts home in the country, instead of a French Country home. 

Before I forget, we went to the Hotel del Coronado and MEXICO.  We went so deep into Mexico, they didn’t speak English.  I can safely say we went all the way to Rosarito.  The change, at the border, was amazing….we went from a clean, organized, thriving community in San Diego to depressed, lean-to looking habitation.  It was really sad.  That border really makes all the difference in the world.  I’ll stop now.  I’m not going to figure it out here and now.

I’ve finally got the “Lasso Me Baby” pattern printed.  (See entry below in December)  It’s available for a cool $5, plus postage.  Please remember it only comes in a 36″ bust.  I’ll be posting it on etsy.  My shop is “Papatya.”

Oh, and before I forget.  Remember when I left the yarn shop and couldn’t find DB?  He had wondered into a sculpture gallery called “Device.”  The metal sculptures blew me away!  Here are photos of some of the works:

Eris by Greg Brotherton

Eris by Greg Brotherton


Mercury by Greg Brotherton

Mercury by Greg Brotherton


Minitron by Greg Brotherton

Minitron by Greg Brotherton

In website news, I’ve added a new Cocoknits pattern, “Katje.”  She’s really cute.

Cocoknits Katje cardigan

Cocoknits Katje cardigan

That’s all folks!

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