My city is not so good….

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I live in Memphis, TN.  I was born here and have lived here most of my life.   Forbes Magazine came out with a list of the 10 worst cities to live in.  Well guess what?  Memphis is No. 2.  I’m rather disappointed and feel cheated.  We should have been No. 1.  High sales tax, bad thing.  No state tax, good thing.  Mayor being investigated by the FBI, bad thing.  Apathetic building department employees, bad thing.  Oops!  That wasn’t on the list.  I added that one myself, because it’s something I’m personally involved with.  DB went to the building department today to pull a permit to renovate a really cool building downtown (a very good deed).  The ladies at the building department were too wrapped up in their personal conversations with each other to even TAKE HIS MONEY!  What’s that about?  Oh, and another thing….my recycling didn’t get picked up two weeks in a row.  Yes, I called them until they came to get it.  I think the comment, “My neighbors’ were picked up, and mine wasn’t.  It looks like I was singled out” is what got them on the ball.  I’m not the least bit offended by the Forbes list, because I know it’s all true.  Enough of the ranting….

I’m almost finished with the Twisted Sisters Kimono, have started a coat project for Michele Orne, have to knit two pairs of wristwarmers for a friend’s mom, and have to finish two custom peace sign hats by tomorrow afternoon.  I’ve risen at 5:30 a.m. two days in a row and still feel pretty good!  It’s a good thing I enjoy knitting!  Really, it does get me out of bed fairly easily, I’m so addicted.

The Debbie Bliss Magazine is running out the door.  I have plenty more, but don’t wait too long!  I’m still kitting the designs.  Click here to see what I’ve kitted so far.  As I always say, “Remember, I kit them at 10% off!”  The pink links are the active ones.  I think I only have (2) so far.

I’m very excited about something.  Someone has contacted the yarn studio for a couple of custom painted needlepoint ring cushions for two weddings.  I hope this is the beginning of something profitable for my friend Beth (she’s the one who paints them).  The wonderful needlepointer who ordered them has agreed to send me photos of the finished projects for me to show off.  I can’t wait to see them!  Please remember that I sell custom needlepoint canvases on the website, along with Stirling Leather bags that accommodate needlepoint canvases.

Crawlspace Vent in Compiegne, France

Crawlspace Vent in Compiegne, France

This is a photo I took in Compiegne, France a couple of years ago when I went to meet my nephew, Gigi (that’s his nickname).  I learned how to do the neat edging in the photo today.  I’m thinking about creating a line of postcards to try on etsy, again to try to make up for the 10% pay cut at work.  I believe my brother and boyfriend thought I’d lost my mind when I started taking pictures of architectural elements such as this vent as soon as I got out of the car.  I was just thinking ahead!  As soon as I get the printing worked out, I’ll post a link here to the etsy page.

I got an email from a reader last week that made me feel very good about the blog.  This is what she said:  “Just wanted to thank you for all the great information!”  Isn’t that NICE!!!  After that, I didn’t need the hot spiced cider I was thinking about making!!!

Knit on!


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Bye bye Misti Alpaca, bye bye!!! My new interest, but not second to knitting!

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