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I’m so excited!!!!

I know what you’re thinking:  “Is she really so pathetic?”  I went plywood shopping last Friday.  I found what I needed.  It’s easily bendable plywood.  If the rain holds off (doubtful with my luck), I’ll go get some tomorrow.  They were so nice at the plywood place that I spent almost 2 hours there!  Turns out the owner has a 20′ travel trailer he’s going to start renovating soon.  I’m not the only nutcase out there.  There are others.  BEWARE!  I promise new photos of the caravan, showing off the new framing, welding, and Tyvek wrap.

I just added another item to my new etsy site  I used a pair of earrings I purchased on etsy ( just for the purpose of making 2 necklaces), did a little wire work, some stamping, and voila!  I have one other listing on this new etsy page, but you’re going to have to go look at it here

My new necklace listing on etsy, Pink Eyes
My new necklace listing on etsy, Pink Eyes

I’m preparing some swatches for Teva Durham.  Yes, I said Teva Durham.  My friend Kristeen Griffin-Grimes at French Girl Knits hooked us up.   I have to knit (2) garments for her by May 15.  One is a dress!  I can’t say anymore about that, it’s top secret until it’s released.  I’m currently working on a “coat” style cardigan for Norah, due April 6.  I’ve been getting up at 5:30 every day this week, and it’s getting old!  I’m a little off schedule to get it out on time, but I can probably catch up tomorrow (I’m not at the office on Fridays) and get it out before April 3.  April 3 is my birthday, and I REALLY DON’T WANT TO BE WORKING ON MY BIRTHDAY!  I hope everyone heard that part.  We are leaving for NYC for the weekend for my birthday.  I’m so excited!

My sis and I had some good fun in NYC when my brother lived there.  We rented bikes, rode from the Upper West side, down the Hudson River, all the way to Battery Park, then came up the East side, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, and got some ice cream.  (There is a dedicated sidewalk on the bridge just for bicycles, and one for peds.  There were so many peds, I couldn’t believe it!  If I lived in Brooklyn, I would walk to Manhattan.)  Then, we went up the East side, through Central Park, and returned the mountain bikes.  What fun!   ANYWAY, DB and I will rent bicycles and ride baby, ride!

Any recommendations for restaurants in NYC?


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My new interest, but not second to knitting!

I have a new interest.  I’ve bought two sets of letters, and a starter kit to begin making personalized silver tags.  It’s sort of like stamping leather, but I’m stamping silver instead.  I’ve started with a necklace for my 10 yr. old friend, Samantha.  She saw the peace sign necklace I was wearing at the motocross race last weekend and wanted one.  Since I’m not geared up to make scrabble tile necklaces (like the one I was wearing), I decided I’d make her one that I’ve got the materials for.  I don’t have that photo now, but here is a photo of something else I’ve made:


I sure hope I’m on the right track!  I bought the heart (it’s clay, and painted) from a fellow etsysian, potterygod.  I assembled all of it and did the stamping.  Here is another piece, but it has no stamping on it:

It Felt Like Green Art

It Felt Like Green Art

This pottery piece was also by potterygod.  Click to see more photos of these two necklaces, and the other goodies I have (knitted) on etsy.

Clasp of It Felt Like Green Art
Clasp of It Felt Like Green Art
On the right is the clasp for “It Felt Like Green Art”, showing the hand-tied anodized aluminum clasp and the peace sign, something which I am recently very fond of.  I’m now thinking of stopping at Michael’s on my way home from the ENT (allergy time in Memphis) to look for more goodies that may speak to me.
On the yarn store front….I’m two colours away from having the Kaffe Fassett Squares Scarf kits ready.  So far, in person, the colours are looking very pretty together.  I normally don’t wear a shawl like this one, but I’m thinking that I’m going to have to have one.  Here’s a link to the kit in case you’d like to preorder one.
I’m off to the Dr.!  Sorry to be so absent, Michele Rose Orne has been keeping me busy knitting…..

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