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I’m working for Teva Durham!

Yes, you read it right.  THE one and ONLY.  Forget modesty, I’m bragging now.  She’s doing a book for Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, a high-class operation.  It will be a very nice knitting book and I am the one knitting the PIECE DE RESISTANCE (that’s what she told me anyway).  I wish I could tell you more, but I need to preserve her privacy.  I just want you guys to remember that I’m the one that knitted that piece de resistance, when pick up the book at the bookstore/your LYS and see it.  YOU WILL REMEMBER.  I’m getting a little wary of rising at 5:30 a.m. every day, but you know what they say!

I’ve almost sold out of the new SKIF “Swing” pattern.  Only one left!  I have more “Mateo” patterns on the way if you’re interested.  Also on the way (I’ve been told, much awaited) are more colors of Nature Wool Chunky Multi, Nature Cotton, Pomaire, and Nature Wool.  I cannot stress how exquisite the Araucania hand-dyed yarns are.  If you are a hand-dyed person, you know whereof I write.

I have a new creation on etsy, and another few to come tomorrow morning after I attend the gymnasium.  Here is one that’s already there:

Crystal Palace Earrings

Crystal Palace Earrings

Tomorrow I will list the little bauble I’ve made for my Mom.  It’s a surprise!  If you’re nice and you pay the price, you can have one for your Mommie, too!  HERE is the link.  The “surprise” won’t be up until tomorrow morning, around 7:00  AM CDT.

I’ve planted my tomatoes, herb garden, watermelons, and cantalopes (for Paul).  The herb garden is extremely helpful, for it prevents me from spending a lot of money on those fresh herbs (in those little un-earth-friendly plastic containers) that aren’t even at the grocery store when I need them.  I LOVE walking out to the garden, and just cutting off what I need.  There is always the danger that little Ripper may have hiked his leg on it….. hmmmm……..  Something to think about.  I’m seriously considering planting a “bee garden” to nourish and attract the honey bees that may be surviving this crisis they are experiencing as of late.  I don’t remember which issue it was, but I read the how-tos and whats in a recent issue of Martha Stewart Living (my hero) and think it’s the right thing to do.  It would be really nice if these flowers were self-sufficient!  I already have one plant that’s on the list, foxglove.  As you can see, it’s beautiful, and very much an “English” garden type of plant.


Please keep in mind that these beauties are poisonous.  Keep your babies and puppies away from them.  Oh, and I found out that Wisteria is also poisonous.  Ripper is always pulling at it, as it prevents him from going through the neighbor’s fence.

I also have a new item in my other etsy shop, Papatya.  It’s a rather unusual item, and would make a great gift for house-warming, wedding, birthday, or coworkers.  (I have one on my desk!)
Have a great weekend all!

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New York, New York

So nice, they named it twice!

I had a GREAT 47th birthday!  DB, very generously, took me to NYC.  Below is a photo of the view from our hotel room window at night of the Chrysler Building.


We got there 1:45’ish.  We took a bus to Grand Central Station from the Newark airport and walked 3 blocks to our hotel, the New York Helmsley Hotel.  It was a very nice hotel.  We got our plane tickets and the hotel room as part of a package deal, so it was very reasonably priced.  We made our reservations 6 days before we traveled (rather nerve wracking for me).  We had some very noisy neighbors, but what can you do?  Anyway, we checked into the room, checked out the view (it was overcast and gloomy) of the Chrysler Building and the Hudson River, washed our faces, and head out for some lunch.  We ended up going down to Grand Central Station, thinking we would pick something up at the market there, on the main level.  They didn’t have any food that was already prepared, BUT, we did see the sign pointing to the lower level dining concourse.  This must be new, ’cause it wasn’t there the last time I was in NYC.  IT WAS GREAT!  We ate at Zocalo’s, Mexican.   It was very good.  There were entrances to train tracks on this level as well.  What a huge network of tracks!

Aries on the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal

Aries on the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal

After we filled our bellies, we decided to head out to Niketown.  I’m in need of new workout shoes.  What better place to get them?  We walked over there.  Well, they didn’t have what I needed.  I picked up a couple of garments, and so did DB.  We walked over to the Plaza Hotel/Condominiums, to look around and use the restrooms.  It had changed QUITE a bit.  It was kind of upsetting.  The old dining room was closed.  For the longest time they had old menus on display in the lobby; they were gone.  The restaurant used to be in full swing, and the lobby was bustling.  On this trip, it was stagnant.  Very sad.  It doesn’t seem right to change things that much. 

Tile work at guess where?

Tile work at guess where?

We decided to take a stroll through Central Park.  We saw the entrance to the zoo but it had just closed, so we didn’t go in. 

It was my birthday, and we had decided to go to a place called Cafe Reggio.  I had been there before with DB, my sister, and brothers.  We weren’t hungry yet, but we kind of headed that way.  We ended up at NYU.  DB decided we needed to get our drink on, so we sought out a little bar called Solas.  It was small, cozy, and there was much “picking up” that we could watch.  It was fun!  I had a very strong mojito, and DB, of course, had to have a Manhattan.  We have no idea what was in that thing!   After approx. 1/2″ of drinks, we were toasted.  Hunger moved in, so we dragged down to a sushi restaurant, Cherin Sushi.  There were sushi restaurants every 50 ft. in this area.  Because of the drinks, I don’ t think we could have walked any further!  After a great dinner, we went straight back to the hotel.  The rest is private!

View from the hotel window - daytime.

View from the hotel window - daytime

 On the left is what I saw when I woke up.  What a view! DB decided he wanted to see the Upper West Side, so we found our way to Jackson Hole for breakfast.  It was rather cramped and not as good as it was years ago.  By now it was getting to be super windy and very cold.  After breakfast we tried to walk to Riverside Park.  We ended up in Joan of Arc Park, separated from Riverside Park by a very busy road.  We had originally planned to rent bikes in Manhattan and ride to Brooklyn on this day (Saturday), but the weather was so blustery that we decided against it.  As a result, we didn’t have any plans.  DB decided he wanted to see the Bronx.  I mentioned that the old Yankee Stadium was there, right on the subway line.  I thought the new stadium was near the old one, but wasn’t sure.  As we made our way toward the nearest subway station, we noticed A LOT of people in Yankees garb.  We ended up here:Old Yankees StadiumSee all the people?  THERE WAS A GAME.  It was a pre-season game against the Chicago Cubs (the enemy).  The new stadium is across the street from the old stadium.  It is STUNNING.  It’s also had NO sponsors names strewn all over it, like the new Mets stadium (boo!).  New Yankees Stadium:

New Yankees Stadium

New Yankees Stadium

It is a very clean building, displaying some classic architectural features.  We were able to get tickets at the 3rd base foul line.  The view was great, and the food was good.  Since it was cold, I had to have a Yankees hoodie.  After the game we headed back to the MOMA area, since DB hadn’t been there yet.  They were just closing, so we took a tour through the gift shop.  I looked through a book of William Eggleston‘s photos.  (He’s from around these parts.)  After we left MOMA we went over to the “new” theatre ticket vendor at Times Square.  We purchased tickets for “Reasons to be Pretty,” at the Lyceum Theatre.  It was pretty good, but I thought it was too close to real life.  I’d rather see a play about something not so “everyday”.  It was a beautiful theatre.  [The lady next to me moved away a seat….it must have been the onion and everything bagels I had picked up for my friend Donna, who dog sat for us.  They were stinky!]  

The Lyceum Theatre

The Lyceum Theatre

After the play we went to the hotel to pack.  Our plane was leaving at 8:00 a.m., so we had to get up early to get the bus back to Newark.  It was a wonderful trip!  The things we didn’t get to do this trip we’ll do another time.  If you haven’t been to New York, I suggest you get on over there!  If you haven’t been lately, same to ya!
Now, about some knitting….The new SKIF pattern, Swing is out.  It’s being shipped to me even as I type.  Here it is!  I think this is the back, folks.

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