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Forgive me readers…..

for I have sinned.  It has been 9 months since my last post.

Much has gone on since I’ve last written here.  I’ll get one thing out of the way first:  The caravan is NOT completed yet.

Last time I posted I was preparing to leave for NYC with my dear friend Dana from Jonesboro.  In a nutshell, we had a blast.  I wanted to show her my NY.  I had a list, but we didn’t make it through all of it.  It consisted of, among other things, of a trip to Habu, Dean & Deluca, The Turkish Kitchen, Liberty House, some yarn shops, and pizza.  We didn’t make it to Dean & Deluca .  Habu is a yarn shop, but they import and sell their own.  The other yarn shop we hit was my favorite in NY, The Yarn Co.  It’s located on the Upper West Side.

Subway tile work

I bought some very beautiful wool and stainless steel and cotton yarns from Habu.  It was quite an adventure.  I highly recommend it!

I had a visit from my youngest brother, Frederick, in December, in time for Christmas.  It was a much needed trip, as we hadn’t seen each other in a long time.  I haven’t been able to make it to Cambodia to see him.

I took a break from working on the caravan before Frederick came to town.  The weather got cold here in Memphis.  My little fingers became brittle and hurt when I tried to do anything outside.  SO, I took a fairly long break.  I started working on it again in earnest about 1.5 months ago.  THEN, it was time to meet my sister in Vienna.  This was the trip to beat all trips.  Sevgi had everything planned.  I flew into Vienna and took a cab (for speed’s sake) to the hotel.  She had tickets for us to attend a Mozart concert.  The orchestra was in full costume!  It was excellent.  Vienna is a Mozart loving city.

We spent two nights in Vienna.  Our hotel was very nice, and the staff was wonderful.  I might add here that one of the valets was Turkish.  He was helpful, humorous, and handsome.  (There a LOT of Turks in Vienna.)  We walked a lot, marveled at the limestone architecture, and even caught a free concert and some kind of rollerblade excursion they were having on the city streets one night.  We had traditional Viennese food whenever we could.  We wanted the full effect, know what I mean?

We had a three city, five day Eurail pass.  This gave us the ability to visit three bordering countries within 5 days.  Our next stop was Salzburg, the city of salt.  Salzburg is very much a pedestrian city.  I don’t really know how to express this, but I’m always amazed at the ages of the structures and statues.  The US is such a young country.  I yearn for aged, seasoned buildings like wine connoisseurs yearn for good wine.

Salzburg street scene

on the right Griechenbeisl, the oldest restaurant in Salzburg







Sevgi knows what she’s doing.  She signed us up for the “The Sound of Music” tour.  What a blast!  The two of us sat at the front of the bus with our tour guide, Gunter, and sang the loudest.  Our mommie would have been proud.

Gunter the 15-time Ironman participant

Apple Streudel with whipped cream - DUH

We had a lunch break during the tour.  In keeping with our plan to eat traditional foods on our trip, we had apple streudel.  Yummy!  THAT was our lunch.  Enough for me!

We visited the fortress.  It was armed with ancient weapons, furniture, and torture devices.  Yes, torture devices.  These fit well with my obsession with historical fiction.  Standing in front of this chair, I could actually visualize how badly people used to behave! 

Torture chair - Hohensalzburg Fortress

Locally brewed beer and pretzels were a must afterwards.  Our waiter was Turkish.  Surprised?  Don’t be!  Those wonderful people were everywhere!

our beer and pretzel at Stiegl Bier Garden - Salzburg

So.  After two busy days and nights in Salzburg, we took the train to Thun, Switzerland.  Met a VERY nice couple on the train from Seattle.  Told the nice lady about so she could sell her wares, the “pass-along” fabric gift bags.

Here’s Thun as we saw it.  Two days of dragon racing by my brother-in-love, his dad, and their sailing partner, Michael.  Such nice guys.  (that one’s for brother-in-love’s benefit)  Those German dudes came in 3rd overall in the Swiss Dragon Sailing Championship.  I’m so proud!

With the spinnakers up in Thun, Switzerland

It was very cold on this day.  I was hurriedly working on a Noro sweater, trying to sew the seams up so I could wear the darned thing.  I kid you not, my ball o’ Noro flew out of my lap and into the lake.  That put an end to my hopes of getting warm anytime soon.  I had other knitting on the trip…a lightweight summer cardigan I’ve been working on for my sister-in-law.  It’s called Paper Crane.

So after two days of sailing, we snuck away, again on the train, to France.  After a couple of sprints from station to station, we were picked up by my brother Dana at the train station in Chantilly.  A short drive later we were at our bed and breakfast.  This was my third stay there.  As usual, it was beautiful and quiet.

Some kind of apricot pie at the grocery store

Pepperoni type sausages at the grocery store


We like to do “local” type things when we travel abroad.  Besides, spending the most amount of time possible with my family was our goal so we went everywhere with Dana, even the grocery store and hardware store.  Manue took us to an outlet store where Sev go lucky and found a garment she could use.  I wasn’t so lucky.

We had many good meals and played a lot with my nephews.  We spent quality time together.  However, it ended too soon.  After 3 nights in Gouvieux, it was time to go home. Very sad.  I know I’ll visit them again soon.  I won’t have to have my arm twisted!

I’ve discovered that I have a genetic blood condition.  More on that next week.  But before I part, some photos of my knitting in Europe!

My knitting (Paper Crane) in a cab to hotel in Vienna Austria

Girl with knitting in front of Swiss chateau in Thun, Switzerland


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