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The new Knitty is up!

"Beatnik" on the cover of Deep Fall Knitty

AND, Norah Gaughan made it onto the cover with the most recent project I knitted for her!  I know I’m bragging, but maybe I’ve earned it this time?    After all, the glory is the main reason why I knit for the “design stars.”  (This one was sent to her Express Mail and got there a day late, thanks to the USPS).  If you still haven’t seen it, here is a link to knitty.  It’s got some really great patterns this issue.  I’ve already ordered some Malabrigo Twist to knit Mothed.

Another recent for Norah (at berroco) is Bismuto, shown below:

Bismuto, featured in Norah Gaughan Vol. 7

Here is a link to this project on ravelry:

A group of 14 others and I had a GREAT local etsy show here in Memphis.  Attendance was very good for our first show.  Here are some works of mine that were featured.

Asti in Chartreuse

Asti in Capri Blue


I still have plenty of these left, and in an array of colours.  More colours will be posted by tomorrow noon.  They’re a very good value….antiqued copper or bronze french wires and Swarovski crystals.  I’m taking my jewelry to a shop tomorrow.  Send much luck my way!

As far as my current knitting projects go, I’ve finally started knitting the Shippo Tails scarf kit I bought in NYC last September.  It’s very interesting.  There are two spools of paper/viscose and one spool of stainless steel/silk.  Of course the colourway I chose is chartreuse.  My other personal project is the Biker Girl sweater.

My Shippo Tail ScarfMy Biker Girl sleeve

My Biker Girl sleeve

The caravan is totally dried in now and I’m prepared to start working on the interior in earnest.  I have already purchased the plastic laminate for the kitchen counter and dining room table.  I’ve located and priced the “true” linoleum flooring.  I’m thrilled that I’m going to be able to install it myself with a bucket o’ glue. 

It has occured to me that I forgot to mention further about my blood condition.  If you have never been pregnant, have migraines and a history of diabetes in your family, please have your blood checked for Factor V Leiden.  It will explain a lot.  If you’ve never had a blood clot, you’re still good.  All you’ll have to do is take one low-dose aspirin a day.  I still have my monthly hormonal migraine but other than that, no more headaches in between.  It’s a very simple test and will put your mind at ease and explain why you have headaches and have never been pregnant.

Stay tuned for more adventures!


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