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My city, Memphis, is flooding……


but as all hardcore knitters, I knit on to calm my fears.  It always works.  There is plenty of knitting to do in my life; including new models for Twisted Sisters, Berroco, and a new yarn company, Swans Island.  I’m proud to be working with these very down-to-earth companies.  If you haven’t seen their yarns, make sure you peruse their websites.  Berroco even has free patterns!  If you’re curious and you’d like to see some of my work, look HERE.  I also showcase my work, as permitted, on ravelry under the name “knitch”.  Come over and friend me!  I’d love to see what you’ve knitted and what you’re working on.

“Buckland” for Berroco

One project that I’m super proud of is this dress I worked for Teva Durham that is featured in her new book, Loop-d-Loop Lace.  Here is a photo!

The Loop-d-Loop Lace Dress for Teva Durham

Are you craving a simple Spring scarf?  Here is a link to a free pattern from Classic Elite for Katydid Drop Everything Scarf.  It’s worked in their 100% organic cotton ribbon yarn, Katydid

Classic Elite's Katydid Scarf

You folks deserve a caravan update.  The reason why I knit so much, well one of the reasons anyway of the many, is to raise money to renovate the caravan.  I’m very happy to say that last Friday I picked up the newly laminated countertops/tabletop from Counter-Fitters.  They’re a great family owned/operated cabinet shop.  Ernie, Jr. was able to complete my tops for me days after I took them to him.  He’s the strapping guy in the photo

"Extreme Green" Nevamar Laminate on caravan counters

on their website.  For those of you who don’t remember, here is a photo of the laminate color, on the right.  I have run some of the wiring (by myself, eeek!) and have the linoleum (yes, the old-fashioned kind made with wood pulp) in my possession.  I have decided to first install the 1/4″ plywood wall panels, the wall cabinets, then install the floor before putting the flooring down.  I had to wait 2 MONTHS until the floor came in, so I’m going to handle it with kid gloves.  I promise photos of the caravan for next week’s post.

On the car racing front:
My talented partner and I went to a rally car race in Linden, TN last weekend.  He was toying with the idea of trying it some day.  The race we attended was on full tarmac, and we didn’t get to see any off-road racing.  It was a little bit of a disappointment for that reason.  I believe rally racing to be slow in catching on the the U.S.  There are very few events in the area.  My understand is that Rally America is the better of the two organizations, if you’re interested in looking into it.

If you live in Memphis, please come knit with us at Cafe Eclectic, 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday night, at 603 N. McLean Boulevard.  All are welcome!


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