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Another trip to Europe: Gouvieux-London-Bruges

Yes, it’s true.  We had a little family reunion on Sept. 1, 2011 in Europe.  It was even more fun because my BIL was able to join us!

Condominium courtyard in London

I know you’ve seen this one before, from upstairs. This time the weather was beautiful, and we were able to spend some time outside, in the garden/dining area.  This is the same B & B we stay in every trip to Gouvieux.  I highly recommend it!  Read the old posts for the name.

Spaniard's Inn on Old Spaniard's Road, London

 This pub was ultra cool.  Took the city bus everywhere, as we could sit on the second level, in the front, and see EVERYTHING.  I loved it!  This pub was at the top of the hill, opposite a park.  The ceilings were very low, and it was very cozy.  All wood furniture/seating and tables.  Quite traditional.  That’s when I first started asking myself why I’m living in the states.  I soooo love tradition, age, and their history.  I had to have a Pimm’s Cup and Irish stew.  The soda bread was nice and dark.
Papatya with sculpture in Camden Town, London

Girl with sculpture in Camden Town, London

We didn’t even notice the sculpture above until the second time we walked by.  Girl shown for scale only.  There was a very strong “horse” theme in this part of the city.  The horse stables have been turned into booths, where vendors sell their goods.
Typical sight
Because of the copious rain, this was a common sight:  FLOWERS.  I’ve used this photo on the cover of my commemorative book, “Pubs of London.”  I had fun taking the photos.  My family probably thinks I’m nuts.  Turns out, the Brits are very proud of their pub signs, which explains why they were all in such good condition.  They all seemed to be freshly painted.
The first thing we saw when we opened the hotel room door in BrugesI knew that Bruges was purported to be the most intact gothic city in the world.  I didn’t expect these beautiful, heavy beams when we opened out hotel room door.  We all gasped, I kid you not.  We were in the loft of the building, with tall windows and skylights.  What we see in this photo is the roof structure.  Beautiful. 

View from the hotel window.


The tower in "_ucking Bruges." Sorry, it's a quote from the movie, "In Bruges." A MUST see.

The photo above illustrates the characteristic step gables prevalent in Bruges.  They’re everywhere.
The tower on the right houses large bells that chime often.  Bruges is also known for their obsession with time-keeping.  In the movie, “In Bruges,” it was not possible to jump from the tower, as he would hit all kinds of architectural elements on the way down.  I guess they just used this tower because it’s exceptional, and it’s on one of the main squares.
We took a little side trip by train to visit my brother-in-law, his father, and a good friend in Oostend, Belgium.  They were there for dragon boat races. 
Brussels Central Train Station

This was our final view of Belgium as we left for the Brussels airport.

I haven’t mentioned knitting!  Yes, I knitted.  As a matter of fact, I’m still working on the same project I started while on my trip.  It’s the Geodesic Cardigan by Connie Chang.  I still have plenty of gorgeous yarns on the website, yarnstudio
Until next time……

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